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Space, the Final Frontier. These are the voyages of the Starship Enterprise. It's five year mission; to explore strange worlds, to seek out new life and new civilizations, to boldly go where no man has gone before! These are the original television adventures of Captain Kirk, Science Officer Spock, and Doctor McCoy.

Star Trek was an American produced sci fi TV series starring William Shatner, Leonard Nimoy, and DeForest Kelley. Created by Gene Roddenberry, Star Trek was originally not very popular at all when it was on the air despite winning two Hugo Awards. It was ultimately cancelled after three seasons due to its lackluster ratings.

However, it gained a massive resurgence in popularity due to reruns and quickly became a part of pop culture and a cult phenomenon. It created a hugely popular and immensely successful and hugely influential Star Trek Franchise that has lasted for decades.  Star Trek has been spoofed and lampooned by various other series including The Muppet Show; Saturday Night Live; and In Living Color over the ensuing decades as well.

There has been a cartoon sequel series, Star Trek: The Animated Series and six movies directly based on the original series and characters. A seventh film, Star Trek: Generations served as a bridge between the original series and the sequel film series that focuses on a future crew approximately 100 years following the events of the original series. 

At present, there have been five official TV spin-off series and a number of fan-based non-profit films and web series have also been created and released. 

For this reason, Star Trek is retroactively referred to as Star Trek: The Original Series or Star Trek: TOS to differentiate between the original television series and the numerous other series and films that was inspired by it. The enduring popularity of the original series resulted in it being digitally remastered with new updated and upgraded special effects and scenes in 2009.

Due to the commercial and critical failures of the last few Star Trek films and television series, the decision was made to reboot the entire franchise. The result was a new feature film in 2009, Star Trek which is based upon the original series which followed up with two sequels films which have ensured that the voyages of Kirk, Spock, and Dr. McCoy will continue.

Notable Characters

Captain James T. Kirk

Captain James T. Kirk tos.jpg

The intrepid and dashing Captain of the U.S.S. Enterprise. Best friends with Spock and McCoy, he endures their bickering with good humor and makes his decisions based on his own intuition and instincts ... and occasionally a little logic, cheating, bluffing, and lying when the situation calls for it. He was portrayed by William Shatner.


Spock st.png

Half Human. Half Vulcan. The stoic First Officer of the USS Enterprise, he also serves double duty as its science officer and is torn between his two people; the emotional driven piece of his humanity and the demands of the cold and impersonal logic of the Vulcan people. He was portrayed by the late Leonard Nimoy.

One of the most popular, pivotal, and important characters of the Star Trek Franchise; Spock inspired numerous fans and ranks among the most recognizable iconic fictional characters of all time. The character has made significant appearances in a number of series of the Star Trek Franchise including Star Trek: The Next Generation and Star Trek: Discovery as well as a critical role in the reboot film series as well.

Dr. Leonard "Bones" McCoy

Leonard McCoy trek.jpg

The cantankerous and curmudgeonly doctor of the USS Enterprise. Suspicious of all of the high-tech and unfeeling technology, McCoy views himself as an 'old fashioned country doctor' and despises using the matter transporters for fear that one day, they will malfunction and scramble his molecules. He irascibly trades insults and barbs with the inhuman and often coldly precise half-Vulcan first officer. He was portrayed by the late DeForest Kelley.

Kelley was originally intended as a secondary character on the show but his great comedic chemistry with the two primary leads of Shatner and Nimoy led to him being "graduated" and transforming the duo into a trio. As Doctor McCoy, he has several of the most famous and iconic catchphrases and memes in the Star Trek Franchise; "He's dead, Jim!" and "I'm a Doctor, not a(n)..." which is frequently used throughout the series and by fans.

Montgomery "Scotty" Scott

Montgomery Scott trek.jpg

The Chief Engineer of the Enterprise. He is overly devoted and protective of his beloved ship that those bloody idiots on the bridge who constantly insist on banging her up and breaking it. Scotty is well known as being a "miracle worker" for improvising last second fixes and inventive solutions to various engineering challenges. He was portrayed by the late James Doohan.

The character inspired the catchphrase meme of "Beam me up, Scotty!" in pop culture due to the fact that Scotty was the frequent operator of the matter transporters aboard the ship.

Nyota Uhura

Nyota Uhura trek.jpg

A brilliant linguist and translator, she acts as the ship's communications officer. She was portrayed by Nichelle Nichols.

Lt. Uhura is widely regarded as being one of the most groundbreaking TV characters of all time, being a female African-American on a major TV series as a multicultural and gender diverse crew. She inspiring a generation of young African-Americans to follow in her footsteps as astronauts and the occasional television and movie stars.

Hikaru Sulu

Hikaru Sulu trek.jpg

The pilot and helmsman of the Enterprise. He often acted as the commanding officer on the bridge in the absence of the Captain and First Officer and is renowned for his numerous interests and hobbies including botany, ancient weapons, and fencing.

He was portrayed by George Takei.

Pavel Chekov

Pavel Chekov trek.jpg

A young and somewhat naive Russian born navigator. He frequently makes wildly incorrect comments regarding Russia and its cultural importance and heritage.

He was portrayed by Walter Koenig. His character was added after the first season to add a more "youthful" attitude and perspective to the cast.

Nurse Christine Chapel

Christine Chapel trek.jpg

The Head Nurse of the Enterprise.

She was portrayed by the late Majel Barrett who originally portrayed the severe Number One in the original Star Trek pilot episode alongside Captain Christopher Pike. However studio executives disliked her character and pushed to have her replaced in the role. Often regarded as the "First Lady" of Star Trek due to her marriage to creator Gene Roddenberry and the fact that she was involved in the franchise over the decades; aside from her roles in the original series―she also portrayed the various computer's voices in the TOS and TNG series as well as serving as Lwaxana Troi, the frequently annoying and meddlesome mother to Deanna Troi in the Next Generation series.

Yeoman Janice Rand

Janice Rand trek.jpg

The beautiful Yeoman Janice Rand is an enlisted member of Starfleet serving under Captain Kirk as his personal secretary and aide. Her position puts her in close proximity to the dashing Captain whom she nurses an unrequited crush but their rank and professionalism prevents it.

She was portrayed by the late Grace Lee Whitney.

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Plot Summary

Season 1

The new Captain of the USS Enterprise, the brash James T. Kirk embarks on his first extended mission―for the next five years, he and his ship and crew will boldly go where no man has ever dared to go before! They will explore strange new worlds and seek new life and new civilizations ... but there are strange aliens and dark terrors in the wondrous depths of space that will severely challenge this new captain and his crew's ability to overcome them. Will Kirk and his crew will even manage to survive their first year together?

From strange plagues that remove a person's inhibitions to another that has ravaged an entire planet and kills only adults leaving behind only children; to omnipotent god-like aliens with powers over pure thought; and even being forced to traverse the time barrier to save their future from being altered―these are the first challenges that Captain Kirk, Science Officer Spock, and Doctor McCoy will be forced to face!

Season 2

The crew of the Enterprise is up against all new threats and challenges in their second year of exploration and daring adventure! From the strange hidden worlds of the universe; they will face an ancient doomsday weapon intent on destroying all life and several strange alien predators who stalk the stars to hunt and kill their prey; a living cloud who feeds on blood like a vampire; a cosmic amoeba which is intent on draining all bit of energy from its surroundings to reproduce; to a psychotic killer who possesses individuals and uses them to murder his victims! Can even the canny resourcefulness of Captain Kirk and the brilliant intellect of Science Officer Spock up to the challenge of overcoming these strange murderous new life forms?

Season 3

The crew of the Enterprise find themselves up against some of the strangest and most bizarre alien civilizations yet! From a race that have quite literally stolen Science Officer Spock's brain; to an alien ambassador so hideous that the merest glimpse would drive a person into insanity; to a pair of powerful alien beings locked in a quest to destroy one another.

Kirk, Spock, and McCoy will dare to challenge these strange alien civilizations together, risking their lives and their ship as they boldly go where no man has ever dared to go before.

Episode Guide

Season 1

# Placeholder.gif Episode Title Air Date
1.00 Star-trek tos-season0-0.jpg The Cage

24 Dec 1988
1.01 Star Trek Episode 1.jpg The Man Trap

8 Sep 1966
1.02 Star-trek tos-season1-2.jpg Charlie X

15 Sep 1966
1.03 Star-trek tos-season1-3.jpg Where No Man Has Gone Before

22 Sep 1966
1.04 Star Trek 1.4 Naked Time.jpg The Naked Time

29 Sep 1966
1.05 Star-trek tos-season1-5.jpg The Enemy Within

6 Oct 1966
1.06 Star-trek tos-season1-6.jpg Mudd's Women

6 Oct 1966
1.07 Star-trek tos-season1-7.jpg What Are Little Girls Made Of?

20 Oct 1966
1.08 Star Trek 1.8 Miri.jpg Miri

27 Oct 1966
1.09 Star-trek tos-season1-9.jpg Dagger of the Mind

3 Nov 1966
1.10 Star Trek 1.10 The Corbomite Maneuver.jpg The Corbomite Maneuver

10 Nov 1966
1.11 Star-trek tos-season1-11.jpg The Menagerie: Part 1

17 Nov 1966
1.12 Star-trek tos-season1-12.jpg The Menagerie: Part 2

24 Nov 1966
1.13 Star-trek tos-season1-13.jpg The Conscience of the King

8 Dec 1966
1.14 Star-trek tos-season1-14.jpg Balance of Terror

15 Dec 1966
1.15 Star-trek tos-season1-15.jpg Shore Leave

29 Dec 1966
1.16 Star-trek tos-season1-16.jpg The Galileo Seven

5 Jan 1967
1.17 Star-trek tos-season1-17.jpg The Squire of Gothos

12 Jan 1967
1.18 Star-trek tos-season1-18.jpg Arena

19 Jan 1967
1.19 Star-trek tos-season1-19.jpg Tomorrow is Yesterday

26 Jan 1967
1.20 Star-trek tos-season1-20.jpg Court Martial

2 Feb 1967
1.21 Star-trek tos-season1-21.jpg The Return of the Archons

9 Feb 1967
1.22 Star-trek tos-season1-22.jpg Space Seed

16 Feb 1967
1.23 Star-trek tos-season1-23a.jpg A Taste of Armageddon

23 Feb 1967
1.24 Star-trek tos-season1-24.jpg This Side of Paradise

2 Mar 1967
1.25 Star-trek tos-season1-25.jpg The Devil in the Dark

9 Mar 1967
1.26 Star-trek tos-season1-26.jpg Errand of Mercy

23 Mar 1967
1.27 Star-trek tos-season1-27.jpg The Alternative Factor

30 Mar 1967
1.28 Star-trek tos-season1-28.jpg The City on the Edge of Forever

6 Apr 1967
1.29 Star-trek tos-season1-29.png Operation - Annihilate!

13 Apr 1967

Season 2

# Placeholder.gif Episode Title Air Date
2.01 Star-trek tos-season2-1.jpg Amok Time

15 Sep 1967
2.02 Star-trek tos-season2-2.jpg Who Mourns for Adonais?

22 Sep 1967
2.03 Star Trek 2.03 Changeling.jpg The Changeling

29 Sep 1967
2.04 Star-trek tos-season2-4.jpg Mirror, Mirror

6 Oct 1967
2.05 Star-trek tos-season2-5.jpg The Apple

13 Oct 1967
2.06 Star-trek tos-season2-6.jpg The Doomsday Machine

20 Oct 1967
2.07 Star-trek tos-season2-7.jpg Catspaw

27 Oct 1967
2.08 Star-trek tos-season2-8.jpg I, Mudd

3 Nov 1967
2.09 Star-trek tos-season2-9.jpg Metamorphosis

10 Nov 1967
2.10 Star-trek tos-season2-10.jpg Journey to Babel

17 Nov 1967
2.11 Star-trek tos-season2-11.jpg Friday's Child

1 Dec 1967
2.12 Star-trek tos-season2-12.jpg The Deadly Years

8 Dec 1967
2.13 Star-trek tos-season2-13.jpg Obsession

15 Dec 1967
2.14 Star-trek tos-season2-14.jpg Wolf in the Fold

22 Dec 1967
2.15 Star-trek tos-season2-15.jpg The Trouble with Tribbles

29 Dec 1967
2.16 Star-trek tos-season2-16.jpg The Gamesters of Triskelion

5 Jan 1968
2.17 Star-trek tos-season2-17.jpg A Piece of the Action

12 Jan 1968
2.18 Star-trek tos-season2-18.png The Immunity Syndrome

19 Jan 1968
2.19 Star-trek tos-season2-19.jpg A Private Little War

2 Feb 1968
2.20 Star-trek tos-season2-20.jpg Return to Tomorrow

9 Feb 1968
2.21 Star-trek tos-season2-21.jpg Patterns of Force

16 Feb 1968
2.22 Star-trek tos-season2-22.jpg By Any Other Name

23 Feb 1968
2.23 Star-trek tos-season2-23.png The Omega Glory

1 Mar 1968
2.24 Star-trek tos-season2-24.png The Ultimate Computer

8 Mar 1968
2.25 Star-trek tos-season2-25.jpg Bread and Circuses

15 Mar 1968
2.26 Star-trek tos-season2-26.jpg Assignment: Earth

29 Mar 1968

Season 3

# Placeholder.gif Episode Title Air Date
3.01 Star-trek tos-season3-1.jpg Spock's Brain

20 Sept 1968
3.02 Star-trek tos-season3-2.jpg The Enterprise Incident

27 Sep 1968
3.03 Star-trek tos-season3-3.jpg The Paradise Syndrome

4 Oct 1968
3.04 Star-trek tos-season3-4.jpg And the Children Shall Lead

11 Oct 1968
3.05 Star-trek tos-season3-5.jpg Is There in Truth no Beauty?

18 Oct 1968
3.06 Star-trek tos-season3-6.jpg Spectre of the Gun

25 Oct 1968
3.07 Star-trek tos-season3-7.jpg Day of the Dove

1 Nov 1968
3.08 Star-trek tos-season3-8.jpg For the World Is Hollow and I Have Touched the Sky

8 Nov 1968
3.09 Star-trek tos-season3-9.jpg The Tholian Web

15 Nov 1968
3.10 Star-trek tos-season3-10.jpg Plato's Stepchildren

22 Nov 1968
3.11 Star-trek tos-season3-11.jpg Wink of an Eye

29 Nov 1968
3.12 Star-trek tos-season3-12.jpg The Empath

6 Dec 1968
3.13 Star-trek tos-season3-13.jpg Elaan of Troyius

20 Dec 1968
3.14 Star-trek tos-season3-14.jpg Whom Gods Destroy

3 Jan 1969
3.15 Star-trek tos-season3-15.jpg Let That be Your Last Battlefield

10 Jan 1969
3.16 Star-trek tos-season3-16.png The Mark of Gideon

17 Jan 1969
3.17 Star-trek tos-season3-17.jpg That Which Survives

24 Jan 1969
3.18 Star-trek tos-season3-18.jpg The Lights of Zetar

31 Jan 1969
3.19 Star-trek tos-season3-19.jpg Requiem for Methuselah

14 Feb 1969
3.20 Star-trek tos-season3-20.jpg The Way to Eden

21 Feb 1969
3.21 Star-trek tos-season3-21.jpg The Cloud Minders

28 Feb 1969
3.22 Star-trek tos-season3-22.jpg The Savage Curtain

7 Mar 1969
3.23 Star-trek tos-season3-23.jpg All Our Yesterdays

14 Mar 1969
3.24 Star-trek tos-season3-24.jpg Turnabout Intruder

3 Jun 1969

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