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4/26/2021 Update: Blogs Guidelines Added
4/27/2021 Update: Review Guidelines Added


Do you love movies? Binge watch whole TV seasons?  Can you quote your favorite lines of dialogue from TV series and films?  Are you fascinated with the minute trivia and factoids behind your favorite TV series, films, actors, and directors?

Then look no further because you’re in the right spot. 

We’re the Movie and TV Wiki: To Hollywood & Beyond and we want YOU to help expand, define, and add to our ever-growing list of TV series, episodes, feature films, and more.  It is our goal and mission to become THE reference Movie and TV Wiki on Fandom. 

There are many other Wikias, many of which focus or devote themselves to a single media franchise exclusively.  But that means that there are many, many great (and not-so-great) films or TV series which fall to the wayside or are missed.  Many that some people are simply unaware of even existing.  We seek to be the site that covers all of these films and TV series from all over the world from all countries and languages.  It’s a huge undertaking and that’s why we need you to help us in our goal!

We hope to grow to have hundreds if not thousands of users actively participate and interact in our Wiki and unfortunately, that means that there will undoubtedly be differences of opinions and so we have reluctantly decided to establish several rules and policies that all of our users will need to adhere to while they are here.


Moderators and Administrators are the enforcers of policy and format of this site.  As such they will make decisions and enforce them as well to keep the site running as smoothly as possible.  These decisions are intended for the benefit of the Wikia as a whole and they have been bestowed with special authority to handle these matters.

Remember that you are a guest on this site and as such, you will need to obey and follow certain rules of behavior and conform to certain style formats which are intended to keep the site organized, consistent, and interconnected.  

They will contact you directly if they notice a problem or situation in your content. 

Failure to follow their directives and repeated attempts to circumvent or ignore these warnings may result in banning from the site for short periods and/or up to permanent banishment.  Permanent banishment is a measure of last resort and not one that the Admins or Mods enjoy doling out but they will do so if they feel it justified or warranted.  They have many other duties and things to do than to monitor and ensure that a user to this site is regulating their behavior responsibly. We also do not tolerate attempts to circumvent our authority by using different account names in evading punishments or continuing harassment. Be warned that doing so will result in further increasing your banned length.

The Admins and Mods also can create and/or modify rules or policies if they feel it justified or warranted. 

If you wish to have a policy altered or to change the format established; you have the right to appeal to the Mods and Admins who will review it before making a decision. 


The Movie and TV Wiki is an open content webpage. That means anyone can read it and modify it.  That means men and women, adults and children of all ages, races, and religions.  So that means that you need to self-monitor yourself and behave responsibly and with common decency and courtesy.  So we have established an ‘Honor Code’ in that we ask all users to adhere to and observe.

The main concept behind our code is essentially respect.  Everyone is entitled to their own opinion and that means you have your opinion and everyone else is entitled to theirs by the same token.  You can discuss and argue all you want; but keep it civil please.

Avoid offensive insults, be polite, and maintain good manners.  Also, try to keep profane language down.  The occasional harsh word is fine but we will not tolerate excessive rants nor threats of violence. 

We want all of our users to feel comfortable posting and reading here so please limit yourself in your posting to restrict excessive descriptions of violence, blood and gore, or other offensive content such as overly explicit and sexually erotic themes.  This includes pictures, videos, and links of those types as well. 

We also ask that this includes noninflammatory user names and images be in good taste and/or nonexplicit or graphic.  You may be asked to change the name or image if the Admins or Mods feel it is warranted.  Just a friendly word of advice; if you’re unsure if something is appropriate or not and feel you should ask someone … it’s probably not OK.

Should you be the target of such inappropriate behavior, immediately report it to a Moderator or Administrator who will deal with the situation.  Please do not react and descend to their level.  Report them and we will investigate and take appropriate action.  Even if you had been goaded or taunted, you may face temporary banning as well so exert yourself please.  Any violators may be banned for an unspecified amount of time depending on the situation. 

We also take a very dim view of deliberate harassment on the basis of gender, creed, race, or politics.  You will be immediately banned for 6 months for this reported violation at minimum and even permanently banned entirely should a Mod or Admin deem it necessary.


The Movie and TV Wiki is about the promotion and distribution of information about films and TV shows.  As such, all users should be aware that if they did not wish to learn certain information such as hidden or secret plot elements or surprises; then they definitely came to the wrong place. 

This site does not take any responsibility for a user inadvertently learning about certain information that they would have preferred not to learn before watching. 


One of the fundamental things that any editor to an article should be aware of is to maintain a neutral, nonbiased point of view.  To maintain a high level of quality and professionalism in the Wikia, we ask that all editors present their content in an even-handed and neutral tone. 

This means not asserting your own view/opinion or even the most popular viewpoint.  Your job is present information truthfully, objectively, fairly, without bias, and without prejudice and allow the reader to formulate their own opinions afterwards.  This Wiki is intended and designed to provide information, not just to promote your viewpoint.

This does not mean that you cannot present your viewpoint or beliefs in the content of an article——but it also means that if you do, you must be fair in presenting everyone else’s as well. 

You are certainly welcome to create your own fanpage elsewhere on the web if you are unable to maintain a level of objectivity, we won’t stop you but respect that this Wikia seeks to maintain a level of quality and professionalism otherwise. Otherwise, one of the exceptions to this particular rule is regarding your personal blogs.

You are entitled to post your thoughts, opinions, and personal viewpoints on your blogs——to a limit! We ask that your censor yourself and limit your comments from offensive rants or inciting attacks on individuals. Excessive profanity, explicit or pornographic content/pictures/links will not be tolerated and we may be forced to delete them. We also ask that your blogs try to be related on movies or TV shows or those individuals who might be starring in them or working on them such as directors or writers. This is not a personal forum; there are other sites that you can post in order to share your opinions and viewpoints.


Despite the fact that we want to be as detailed a Wiki that we can be; there is the danger of simply going too far.  There is only so much detail and information that any regular user is going to find relevant or notable. 

For example: creating an article page for extras in a crowd, insignificant objects or items that do not advance or are a central part of the plot or scene are not really relevant. 


This site has a very strict policy against plagiarism.  Writers and editors work very hard to devise original content for viewers and simply copying and passing off their hard work as your own is extremely immoral and in many cases, illegal as well.

We will not tolerate repeated instances of adding plagiarized content to our site and will remove it entirely.  If we identify a user has plagiarized an outside source then we will act to ensure that they lose their editing privileges for one (1) month. 

Repeated plagiarism will result in extended periods and ultimately, permanent banishment if the Admins feel it is warranted.

While other Wikias might allow for the copying ‘n pasting of articles as long as they properly cite or credit the authors in question, our particular website does not.  We ask that all posts be original content only.


The site is about increasing content and as such, we ask that if you wish to change an image/photo to the site; do not simply delete the old picture/image to switch it out. You can replace it after you add it to the page's Image Galleries—or create the Image Gallery page if it doesn't exist.


Movie and TV Reviews are currently being allowed to the Wikia in the form of personal blogs. You may attach them on a separate special page to the Movie Article Main Page or the TV Series/Episode Main Page; there is the folder tabs at the top of these pages in the form of a link to your blog in question. This is to prevent cluttering up the Reviews Page and allow for multiple entries.

As mentioned in the previous section regarding a neutral, nonbiased point of view in the Wikia for a high level of quality and professionalism; Blogs or Review Blogs are one of the exceptions to that particular rule. However, the same guidelines apply in maintaining courtesy and that there be no offensive rants or inciting attacks on individuals. Excessive profanity, explicit or pornographic content/pictures/links will not be tolerated and we may be forced to delete them

We also do ask that if you include plot twists or details that you have the courtesy of mentioning that fact at the beginning of your blog as a warning that there will be spoilers such as (WARNING: SPOILERS!!!!) or some other notification. Some people may read reviews to determine if they wish to devote their limited time to actually watch the film or TV series in question and knowing important details may ruin the viewing experience. So please be respectful of that.

Beyond those guidelines, we have no set format in how you may wish to set up your reviews and you can unleash your creativity. If you wish, Takashichea has posted a blog if you need some help or ideas on how to set up your reviews; Takashichea's Reviews Guide.