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Justice League: The Flashpoint Paradox
Justice League The Flashpoint Paradox2013.jpg
Fight the Future
Directed By Jay Oliva
Screenplay By James Krieg
Cast Michael B. Jordan, Sam Daly, Nathan Fillion, Cary Elwes
Produced By James Tucker, Alan Burnett
Film Editing By Christoper D. Lozinski
Music By Frederik Wiedmann
Studio Warner Bros. Animation, DC Comics, Warner Premiere, Studio 4°C
Distributed By Warner Home Video
Franchise DCAMU Franchise
Country United States
Language English
Release Date July 30, 2013
Runtime 81 Minutes
Rating PG-13



Barry remembers the fond days with his late mother and then that fateful day, Nora Allen's birthday, when he comes home to see his mother killed during a robbery. Years later on his mother's birthday, Barry lay flowers on her gravestone. He shares his regrets with Iris if he had run a bit faster on that day. Iris reminds him to remember his mother's wisdom, accept the things he cannot change.

When the Flash Museum is attacked by Captain Cold, Captain Boomerang, Heat Wave, Mirror Master, and the Top, Flash finds out it was a trap laid by Reverse Flash who has armed his pawns with bombs. He plans to blow up Flash, his enemies, and people of Central City. The Justice League arrives to help the trapped Flash with disarming the bombs. After the Justice League disarms the bombs on the Rogues, Flash hurls a lightning bomb to destroy the bomb on Reverse Flash. Before Superman takes Reverse Flash to Star Labs, Reverse Flash comments that Flash can never save everyone especially the ones dear to him. Flash runs off and wakes up in a world where history has changed.

Flash finds out his mom is still alive and it's the day of her birthday while discovering the Flash doesn't exist. Meanwhile, Batman (Bruce's father) captures Yo Yo and interrogates her about the Joker's whereabouts. Though, he tosses her off the building when she refuses to cooperate. Cyborg saves Yo Yo and climbs up to request Batman for help to stop the war between Aquaman and Wonder Woman. Cyborg reveals he has a team, all children. Batman refuses Cyborg's request.

Then, Flash enters the Bat Cave and learn the Batman he is talking to is Thomas Wayne. Elsewhere, Wonder Woman and her Amazonians hunt Trevor. She interrogates Trevor with her Lasso of Truth, revealing that Lois Lane is gathering intel for Cyborg who is planning to stop them. She then executes Trevor by levitating, at the same lifting Trevor by the lasso on his neck, hanging him. Meanwhile, Thomas hesitantly believes Barry's story and seeks proof.

Over the seas that cover Paris, Lex and Death Stroke track Aquaman's weapon that gives out a high energy signature. Suddenly, Aquaman's men including Aqualad, Garth, Tula, Orm, and Ocean Master. After Death Stroke and rest of the men are killed off, Aquaman arrives to personally executes Lex Luthor. At Wayne Manor, Barry has Thomas replicate the same experiment that gave Barry his powers as teh Flash. In a meeting, the president relieves Cyborg of his duty since Cyborg was unable to get Batman on board. He will have his army take care of the Atlanteans and Amazonians.

In Flash's dream, he sees Superman's rocket crashed into Metropolis and the alliance forged between Wonder Woman and Aquaman which leads to an affair. Queen Mera tries to kill Wonder Woman for her affairs. Wonder Woman kills Mera in defense. This leads to war between the Atlanteans and Amazonians. Then, Thomas pummels the murderer of his son and sees his wife succumb to insanity. Barry wakes up from those visions and realizes he see this world's memories and his previous world. He asks Thomas to try the experiment again.

In Aquaman's submarine, he asks his scientist to try again to use the Atom's energy to level Themyscira. The scientist worries that this will destroy both the surface and ocean worlds. in the process. Elsewhere, Lois tries to flee from the Amazonians and gets saved by Reverse Flash. When Grifter of the Resistance arrive with Godiva, Mrs. Hyde, and Canterbury Cricket, Grifter states there is no speedster on his team.

Flash has Thomas retrieve Superman with the help of Cyborg. In this world, Superman's rocket crashes into Metropolis instead of a corn field. They find Superman as a shriveled up man due to being under the red sun for so long. They befriended Superman and attempt to save him until the government finds out and tries to execute Cyborg for exceeding his authority. When Superman cannot control his heat vision and kills lives accidentally to save Cybrog's group, he leaves sadden. Barry convulses due to the memories of this world overwriting the memories of his world. Elsewhere, Hal Jordan tries to do a kamikaze attack but fails and gets eaten by a giant eel which explodes.

Flash convinces Cyborg, Thomas, and the children to not give up hope, and they go to England to stop Atlanteans and Amazonians. During the battle, Lois Lane and the Resistance joins in to stop the two forces. Wonder Woman and Aquaman engage in a duel. Thomas instructs his group to fight their way to the leaders and stop them. Thomas, Cyborg, and Barry team up on Aquaman while Captain Thunder engage Wonder Woman. Aquaman tosses Thomas out of the building where Ocean Master pursues Thomas. Grifter assists Thomas in taking down Ocean Master. Once Thomas throws a grenade at Ocean Master, the two kill Ocean Master. Before Thomas can instruct Grifter, Orm wounds Thomas. Flash tries to save him and rush to patch him up. However, Thomas tells him to find Reverse Flash and disappears on him.

Then, Reverse Flash arrives and battles Barry. During the battle, Reverse Flash overwhelms Flash. While Flash is down, he sees Grifter killed by arrows. When Flash asks Reverse Flash on what he had done, Reverse Flash responds with a question of what Barry had done. Barry realizes he saved his mother but is in disbelief of how it could change history. Reverse Flash explains the distortions ripple through time, shifting everything.

Out on the battlefield, Aquaman fights Cyborg where Cerberus eats Aquaman and some of the Atlantean tanks try to take out Cyborg. Fending off the tanks, Cyborg finds himself pinned by Aquaman. Aquaman destroys Cyborg's arm cannon and rips through Cyborg's arms. Before Aquaman could impale Cyborg's exposed heart, Superman uses his heat vision to dismember Aquaman's arm. At the same time, Wonder Woman forces Captain Thunder to undo his spell. She then proceeds to gut Billy to death. Aquaman stumbles and finds Orm and Tula death. Shocked at the moment, Wonder Woman injures Aquaman. As Aquaman is on his knees, he asks Wonder Woman what she will do with the Atlanteans. Wonder Woman replies that she will spare the women. Before Wonder Woman can kill Aquaman, Aquaman activates his bomb, the Atom starts to implode.

As Reverse Flash is deep in gloating over the suffering and loss of lives that Flash is forced to seen, Thomas fires a shot through Thawn's skull. On verge of dying, Thomas hands a letter to Barry and urges Barry to run.

In the Speed Force, Barry finds his other self and stops his other self from saving his mother. He apologizes to his mother in that moment.

Waking up, Barry finds the world back to its rightful place. James tells Barry to finish the files as Barry leaves the CCPD to visit his mother's grave. Barry shares with his mother on her words of wisdom. Iris finds him and the two kiss and have a moment.

Visiting the Batcave, Flash explains to Batman about his mistake and how he still remembers the other world's memories. Batman states it's a gift. Barry then hands Batman, a letter from Thomas Wayne. Bruce sheds a few tears and remarks that Flash is one hell of messenger and thanks him.


  • Justin Chambers as The Flash
  • C. Thomas Howell as Reverse-Flash
  • Michael B. Jordan as Cyborg
  • Kevin McKidd as Thomas Wayne
  • Dee Bradley Baker as Etrigan the Demon, Top, Canterbury Cricket
  • Steve Blum as Lex Luthor, Captain Thunder
  • Kevin Conroy as Batman
  • Sam Daly as Superman
  • Dana Delany as Lois Lane
  • Cary Elwes as Aquaman
  • Nathan Fillion as Hal Jordan
  • Grey DeLisle as Nora Allen, Young Barry Allen, Martha Wayne
  • Jennifer Hale as Iris West, Billy Batson
  • Danny Huston as General Sam Lane
  • Danny Jacobs as Grifter, Captain Cold
  • Peter Jessop as Dr. Vulko
  • Lex Lang as Captain Atom, Funeral Presider
  • Vanessa Marshall as Wonder Woman
  • Candi Milo as Persephone, Pedro Pena
  • Ron Perlman as Deathstroke
  • Kevin Michael Richardson as President of the United States, James
  • Andrea Romano as Doris, Central City Newsreader
  • James Patrick Stuart as Steve Trevor, Captain Boomerang, Ocean Master
  • Hynden Walch as Yo-Yo




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