Too Far Gone
The Walking Dead Season 4 Episode 8
Season 4, Episode 8
General Information
Series The Walking Dead
Air date Dec. 1, 2013
Written by Seth Hoffman
Directed by Ernest R. Dickerson
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Plot Summary

After the Governor has taken Hershel and Michonne hostage, he gives his group a speech and explains why they need the prison. He convinces them that they are bad people. When Lilly shows up, the Governor speaks sweetly to her that he will protect her and Meghan. In the RV, Hershel tries to talk some sense in the Governor and ask him how he felt killing another person's daughter. The Governor replies that it's not his.

Meanwhile, Glenn and Maggie have a little chat. Rick explains to Daryl why Carol had left. Bob tells Sasha to stay put until she recovers. Tyreese calls Rick and Daryl when he finds a tortured and mutilated rat. He assumes that the same psychopath who fed rats to the Walkers is the same murderer who killed Karen and David. Suddenly, an explosion rocks the prison. Rick and his group rush outside to see the Governor and his group outside of the fence. The Governor calls out Rick to have a talk with him. When Rick shouts that he doesn't make the decisions only the council does, the Governor reveals that he has taken Hershel and Michonne as hostages. As Rick heads off to meet the Governor, Daryl tells Tyreese and Sasha to tell everyone to head to the bus in case things turn for the worse. The Governor tells Rick that he has until sundown to leave the prison with his group. Rick argues that he has sick children here. The Governor simply replies that he has a tank. At the Governor's camp, Lilly spots a Walker crossing the river. Meghan asks Lilly to help her dig. Lilly tells her daughter that she will be there in a second. Though, it seems that the Walker has been swept by the river. Meghan digs up a sign that warns others about flash flooding. In the dirt besides Meghan, a Walker grabs Meghan. As Lilly runs towards her daughter, it's too late. The Walker bites Meghan's shoulder.

Back at the prison, Carl tells Daryl that he can shoot the Governor from this point. Lizzie calls the children to the bus. Rick tries to reason with the Governor that they can live at the prison. The Governor states that he can't do that. When Rick refuses to budge, the Governor has Michonne's sword against Hershel's neck. Rick speaks with his heart out to convince the Governor's group. Despite Rick's efforts, the Governor cuts Hershel's neck. Rick fires at the Governor. The rest of Rick's group open fire on the Governor's group. The Governor finishes off Hershel by decapitation. Then, Lilly arrives with her daughter's dead body in her arms. The Governor shoots Meghan in the head. The Governor has his crew march in with their tank. Daryl manages to gun down some of the men. Beth runs back to get more ammo. Tyreese tells Sasha and Ben to get out. Maggie tells Beth to drive the bus out of here while she gets Glenn. Out in the field, Rick tackles the Governor and punches him. The tank reaches Tyreese's location. Once Maggie and Glenn arrive at the bus, Maggie runs out to get Beth. Elsewhere, a Walker walks by Daryl. Daryl uses the Walker as shield, so he can toss a grenade at the men near the tank. With the bus leaving, Maggie regroups with Ben and Sasha. When Tyreese is pin, Lizzie and the children kill Alisha and her comrade. With the Walkers approaching them, Tyreese tells the children to leave. Before the Governor could end Rick's life, Michonne slams her sword through the Governor's back. Daryl manages to slip a grenade into the tank. Once Mitch escapes the explosion, Daryl fires an arrow into Mitch's heart. Rick searches for Carl. After he reunites with Carl, the two find Judith missing and a blood trailer leaving the car seat. Both father and son cry out miserably. Out in the field, Lilly shoots the Governor in the head. Rick and Carl leave the prison in tears.