Dead Weight
The Walking Dead Season 4 Episode 7
Season 4, Episode 7
General Information
Series The Walking Dead
Air date 24 Nov 2013
Written by Curtis Gwinn
Directed by Jeremy Podeswa
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Plot Summary

The Governor and his new found family are taken into Martinenz's group. Caesar Martinenz distrusts the Governor over what what had happened under his rule in Woodbury. However, he begins to trust the Governor after working with him on a supply run. While playing golf with the Governor, Martinenz expresses sharing the group's leadership with him. The Governor instead hits him with a golf club and takes him to a pit of walkers so he can be devoured. The camp finds Martinenz's body, but they believe the death was an accident. The next morning, a man named Pete Dolgen becomes the new leader. Afterward, together with his brother Pete and the Governor, they go on a supply run. During the run, the Governor is disappointed when Pete does not seize upon an opportunity to raid another camp for supplies.

This disappointment is compounded when they discover that the camp gets raided by another group anyway. The Governor returns to his camp and instructs his adopted family to leave with him. They attempt to leave under cover of darkness, but their path is blocked by walkers. Left with no choice, the Governor kills Pete and coerces Mitch into becoming his right hand man. Then he takes charge of the camp with Mitch by his side. The Governor disposes Pete's body in a lake and lies to the group about how he died. Then he goes to the prison, but decides against killing Rick and his son. However, he finds Michonne and sets his sights on them.