20 Dates
20 Dates (1999) Poster
A comedy so real you'll think it's fiction.
Directed By Myles Berkowitz
Written By Myles Berkowitz
Cast Myles Berkowitz, Tia Carrere, Elisabeth Wagner, Letitia Fox
Produced By Mark McGarry, Jason Villard
Cinematography By Adam Biggs
Film Editing By Michael Elliot, Lisa Cheek
Music By Steve Tyrell, Robert F. Mann
Studio Phoenician Films
Distributed By Fox Searchlight Pictures
Country United States
Language English
Release Date February 26, 1999
Runtime 87 Minutes
Rating R




  • Myles Berkowitz as Myles
  • Elisabeth Wagner as Elisabeth
  • Richard Arlook as The Agent
  • Tia Carrere as Herself
  • Robert McKee as Himself
  • Tom Ardavany as Jealous Boyfriend
  • Emily Arlook as Emily
  • Rachel Arlook as Rachel
  • Signy Coleman as Herself
  • Letitia Fox as Herself
  • Greg Kita as Himself
  • Michelle Madden as Herself
  • Stephanie Magid as Date #2
  • Julie McCullough as Herself
  • Stacy Sanches as Herself
  • Tava Smiley as Herself
  • Sharon Soboil as Herself
  • Shal Verini as Shalimar
  • Sydne Squire as The Ex-Wife




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