The Naked Time
Star Trek 1.4 Naked Time
Season 1, Episode 4
General Information
Series Star Trek
Air date September 29, 1966
Written by John D.F. Black
Directed by Marc Daniels
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A strange space-borne affliction plagues the crew of the Enterprise that drastically lowers their inhibitions to a dangerous degree and causes complete chaos.

Plot Summary

Stardate: 1704.2

The Enterprise arrives to Psi 2000, a frozen planet devoid of life. Spocks scans the frozen person and tells Lt. Joe Tormolen to check out the place. Spocks finds a frozen woman on the floor. and scans the area. Joe arrives back and reports back that everyone including six of the scientists are dead without any signs of struggle. He scans around and scratches his nose after removing his gloves. A red substance touches Joe's hand. Spock reports to the captain that everyone is killed by something. On the Enterprise, a man records what he has observed: personnel are frozen while the life support system are turn off. Spock and Joe arrive back on the Enterprise, and the two are in the decontamination chamber. Dr. McCoy runs a diagnosis on Spock and Joe and reports they are fine. He remarks about Spock's green blood while Spock is glad his anatomy is different for theirs. Joe is seen scratching his arm. When Captain Kirk arrives, Joe states that it was terrible. Spock states that they will have to look at the tapes for more clues. In a meeting, Spock says that it could be a form of space madness and that spectral analysis has no contamination. Captain Kirk says that the environment down here might cause something. In the mess hall, Joe finds something on the palm of his hands. Sulu meets up with Joe who tell Sulu go away. Joe asks what are they doing out here and what is it good for. He takes out a knife and points at Sulu. Joe shares what he has seen on the planet and turns the knife on him. Once Riley tries to stop Joe from stabbing himself, Sulu joins in to help Riley. Though, Joe gets injured. When Riley calls for help via intercom, he finds something on his palms and tries to rub it off.

Captain Kirk talks into in his captain's log about a new disease. The Enterprise approaches Psi 2000. Spock remarks that this planet would be like Earth if it had no sun. Riley and Sulu starts rubbing their fingers. In the operating room, Dr. McCoy works on Joe's body and stitches up the wound. Nurse Chapel informs that Joe's breathing rate is falling. Dr. McCoy wonders why is Joe is dying and administers a drug to stabilize Joe. However, Joe dies seconds later. Spock reports to Captain Kirk that the planet is condensing in size. Captain Kirk heads towards the sick bay. Meanwhile, Sulu tells Riley that he is sweating a lot and heads off somewhere. In the sickbay, Dr. McCoy states that he has done everything possible. When Spock notices Sulu is not at his station, he has someone take Sulu's post. Then, Riley starts babbling about Irish royalty. Spock has Nyota take Riley's navigator post and tells Riley to head to the sickbay. Riley walks in a bizarre fashion towards the sickbay and talks to Nurse Chapel about Joe's death. He comments on the nurse's pretty eyes and how Joe's mistake was that he wasn't born an Irishman. The nurse notices her palms are itchy. Meanwhile, Sulu starts fencing with a rapier. He waits for two men and tells them to fight him. Sulu scares the two men.

When Captain Kirk arrives back to the bridge, he remarks that the men might be drugged. The female staff reports about Sulu and Riley's shenanigans on the ship. The ship is having trouble orbiting due to the planet's gravity. Captain Kirk calls up for security while Spock analyzes the patterns and concludes that the disease is making everyone reveal their hidden personality traits. Suddenly, the ship rocks violently. There is no response from the engine room. Then, Sulu enters the bridge and attacks everyone. Nyota tries to talk Sulu out of it. Yet, Sulu grabs Nyota. With the sword knock out of Sulu, Kirk wrestles Sulu while Spock knocks Sulu out by squeezing his shoulder. Then, Riley states in the intercom that he has relieve Scott of duty and starts singing. Captain Kirk heads towards to the engine room and informs Scott that Riley had cut off power. Scott states that they have cut the wall to get into the engine room. Inside the engine room, Riley continues singing. On the bridge, Nyota informs Spock that the crew have been exhibiting weird behavior, but she cannot send the message when Riley shut off communications. The ship rocks violently. From sickbay, Dr. McCoy tells Captain Kirk that he has to stabilize the ship. Captain Kirk asks Dr. McCoy to find a solution to snap out Riley. Riley speaks through the intercom and requests the women to wear their hair loosely and continues singing. Scotty and his crew are cutting through the wall. Spock heads towards the engine room and finds the crew all crazy. He tells Scotty to hurry up before the ship gets suck into Psi 2000. In sickbay, Dr. Mcoy calls the lab for a biopsy report and heads towards the lab. Nurse Chapel informs him that the tranquilizer's effects are wearing off. Nurse Chapel starts rubbing her palms and smiles a bit. Captain Kirk finds his crew on the bridge suffering from the hallucinations. He urges Nyota to cut Riley off the intercom. Spock finds Nurse Chapel looking at herself in the mirror. He calls the lab and gets no response. Nurse Chapel touches Spock's hands and confesses her feelings for him. Spock apologizes to Nurse Chapel that he cannot reciprocate her feelings. He leaves Nurse Chapel and finds himself disoriented. In front of the engine room, Scotty breaks off the plate of the wall and opens the door. Captain Kirk has the men take away Riley while Scotty takes over the engineer's controls. Meanwhile, Spock tries to snap himself out and take control of his emotions.

Scotty informs Captain Kirk that the engine has been turned off and that they need 30 minutes to get the engine up and running. Captain Kirk asks the bridge to find Spock. In the sickbay, Dr. McCoy has successively find a serum that cures Sulu. He tells the bridge that the disease is in the water and transmit between humans via sweat. He tells the lab to prepare serums. Captain Kirk finds Spock overridden by regrets of his mother. He slaps Spock multiple times to snap him out of it. Spock slaps Captain Kirk back. Captain Kirk urges Spock to get to the engine room and realizes that he has the disease. Spock regains his senses and leaves with Scotty. Captain Kirk head towards the Bridge. Dr. McCoy administers the serum to Captain Kirk. Captain Kirk tells engine room to do a hyperbolic course. As a result, the ship has averted crashing into the planet, but the engines have imploded. Sulu reports that the Star Date is heading backwards while Captain Kirk realizes they are heading backwards in time. Captain Kirk tells them to reverse the Helm which returns them back to their time. Spock reports that they have gone back 3 days and remarks that this formula might help them time travel.


"The Naked Time" was originally intended to be a 2-part episode with the Enterprise traveling back in time as part of the cliffhanger.  Much of the plot for the second half of the unmade episode would be used in the future standalone episode, "Tomorrow is Yesterday". 

George Takei has remarked that this episode was his favorite of all of the Star Trek.  In preparation for his role in this episode, he had to learn fencing and spent much of his free time practicing with a foil. 

This epiode also resulted in a homage sequel, "The Naked Now" in the future Star Trek: The Next Generation series which the future Enterprise crew members were infected with a similiar disease.