La horde
The Returned 8
Season 1, Episode 8
General Information
Series The Returned
Air date December 17, 2012
Written by Fabrice Gobert & Fabien Adda
Directed by Frédéric Mermoud & Fabrice Gobert
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A mass group of the dead approach the town to reclaim the revenants.

Plot Summary

Thirty-five years ago, the old dam breaks and floods the town with water, killing dozens. After the incident, the people move the town to a different location and rebuild the dam. In the present, Julie and Laure wake up after sleeping through the night to find evidence that a group of revenants had tried to take Victor in the night. Further up the road, they find Toni trying to commit suicide by jumping off a bridge. Julie stops him by giving him her hand. Then Laure arrests him for shooting a police officer. Suddenly, a group of revenants appear to take Victor. With nowhere to go, the four get into the car and drive back to the town. Julie objects to Laure's idea to bring Victor back to the police station. Laure pulls over and they argue over what to do. Victor begins talking to Toni about how he killed Serge and by extension his mother, who died from grieving Serge's death.

Victor conjures an illusion of Serge who makes Toni shoots himself. Laure takes him to the Helping Hand where Toni is operated on. After the surgery, Julie observes him. Serge appears in time to see his brother die from his wounds. At Adele's home, Adele notices Chloe's drawings of Simon and her suicides. She confronts her daughter only to find that she wants to see her father again. Simon appears at the house with Lucy. After taking Lucy, Simon pleads with Adele to come with him so he can be with his unborn child and Chloe. However, Adele stabs him with a kitchen knife and hides. Simon leaves and Thomas comes home to find Adele hiding in the laundry room. He takes her to the Helping Hand where he asks Pierre where Simon is.

Camille bumps into Frederic in the bathroom. Camille asks if he loves her as tears flow from her eyes. Lena finds Camille and orders Frederic to leave her alone. Lena embraces Camille in a hug. Meanwhile, Mrs. Costa helps Victor sleep by reminding him of his mother. As evening nears, a policeman notices a horde of the dead marching toward the Helping Hand. Lucy steps forward from the horde and asks Thomas to give up the revenants in exchange for Chloe. Thomas and the policemen pull the revenants from their family members. Claire and Julie refuse to let go of Victor and Camille. So, they decide to go with the horde. Chloe is returned to Thomas, but Lucy demands Adele because of the unborn baby inside her. Thomas tells all the civilians to go into the Helping Hand. Then he orders the policemen to shoot the horde. When the gunfire settles down, the townsfolk emerge to find their town flooded.