The Returned 7
Season 1, Episode 7
General Information
Series The Returned
Air date December 17, 2012
Written by Fabrice Gobert & Fabien Adda
Directed by Frédéric Mermoud
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Lucy La horde
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Serge and Toni try to flee from the city; Camille finds out about the dead couple; Lena reunites with her family; Victor meets Chloe.

Plot Summary

Fearing for their lives, Serge and Toni make a getaway through the woods. However, they soon realize that they have been walking in circles. As they continue walking, they come across the dam. Serge and Toni attempt to escape by swimming across the lake. Midway through, Serge is pulled under by a mysterious force. Only Toni is able to back it back ashore.At the Helping Hand, Camille finds out the a couple that she comforted had committed suicide. Saddened, Camille begins to doubt herself. Audrey's mother blames her for causing their deaths. Claire pushes Audrey's mother away and comforts Camille. Shortly after, Pierre shows Claire the Helping Hands' storage of guns and food. He tells her that he believes that the dead are a sign that end of the world is coming and that he is willing to defend his family.

Later, Lena returns home where she meets Jerome. After a touching reunion, she goes to the Helping Hand. There, Camille apologizes to Lena for trying to date Frederic to spite her. Lena then helps Camille use make-up to cover up a black spot on her face. Meanwhile, Jerome takes Claire outside to talk to her apologizes for being jealous of Pierre and they make up. At the funeral, the people in the Helping Hand mourn the passing of Joseph and Anna Koretzky, couple who committed suicide. Near the end of the funeral, Audrey's mother has a miscarriage. Elsewhere, Simon still feels strongly about Adele. He leaves the Lake Pub to ask the priest about his suicide. Father Jean-François confirms that he did commit suicide and that no one was surprised. Thomas tipped off about Simon and arrives to take him into custody. At the jail, Simon is disturbed to find skin on his belly decaying.

At Laure's home, Julie and Laure rekindle their romance. After Laure leaves for work, Victor goes out to play with Chloe next door. While talking to her, Victor reveals that he is dead and he hints that Adele might be dead as well.Chloe looks at her mother and sees the slashed wrist where she attempted to commit suicide a year earlier and she remembers that her mother wanted to kill herself. Chloe faints and Thomas is called over to look at her. Thomas learns that Victor is dead and demands to have Victor brought over to the police station. After the incident, Julie finds dead tissue Victor's arm. When Laure returns him, Julie begs Laure to send them away from Thomas' influence. They attempt to leave the town by car. After traveling around in circles, they find that they are trapped by a mysterious force. At Toni's bar, Lucy finds a horde resurrected Revenants sand welcomes them.