Serge et Toni
The Returned 6
Season 1, Episode 6
General Information
Series The Returned
Air date December 10, 2012
Written by Fabrice Gobert, Fabien Adda, Camille Fontaine & Nathalie Saugeon
Directed by Frédéric Mermoud
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Serge et Toni Adèle
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Pierre reveals Camille's identity; Lucy gives the police a sketch of her attacker.

Plot Summary

The town goes through another black out. Despite efforts to restore power, the electricians are unable to do anything. While the power is out, Frderick and his friend dig up Camille's grave and find only water in the coffin. They are caught by the gravekeeper and are taken into police custody. Meanwhile,Pierre calls a meeting of his support group to reveal Camille's identity. The group is shocked and can't believe what they see. Then when one woman questions why Camille was brought back out of all of the others, Camille shuts herself away in her room. Pierre comes in her room and tells her that she she should use her position to help others instead of being selfish. Later, Thomas interviews Frederick. He is astonished to learn that Camille has returned from the dead. Shortly after, he visits Camille's home to find her.

He is rebuffed by Pierre, but ensures that he will see Camille by requesting to see her at the police station with an ID. At his house, Thomas finds an Adele fear stricken over whether Simon will return from the dead. Thomas comforts her and reassures that he will be there. At the hospital, Lucy provides the police with a detailed image of Serge when they ask who attacked her. Later that night, Simon reawakens from the dead. Lucy, alone in her room, decides to wander the hallways. She bumps into Simon and they decide to go to her place at Toni's bar/ There, they have sex. While having sex, Lucy sees a vision of Simon killing himself and asks why he did it. With the police looking for Serge, Camille and her family are moved to the Helping Hand. Heeding Pierre's words, Camille comforts people by lying that she met their dead loved one before she was resurrected.

Little does she know, one couple commits suicide because she told them their son was waiting for them on the other side. At Julie's place, Laura asks Julie to stay with her now that they know Simon is not the killer. Julie refuses at first, but changes her mind when Pierre contacts her with a warning that the police may round up all the people who returned from the dead. With the warning fresh in her mind, she accepts Laura's invitation. However, she changes her mind when Meanwhile, the police take the picture of Serge and ask Toni if he had seen it. Toni runs back home to warn Serge. When he gets home, he is locked out and believes his mother is locking him out for what he did.Toni apologizes for what he did. Inside the house, Lena hears about what Toni did to Serge and confronts him about whether he is dead or not. Serge kisses her and they have sex.

The police get information that the man in the picture is Serge. Two policemen drive to the cabin in the woods to investigate a known sighting for Serge. Toni appears and shoots them both. Serge tells Lena to run away and she makes off for the woods. At night, she sees a gathering of people by a fire.