Serge et Toni
The Returned 5
Season 1, Episode 5
General Information
Series The Returned
Air date 10 Dec 2012
Written by Fabrice Gobert, Emmanuel Carrère & Fabien Adda
Directed by Frédéric Mermoud
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Victor Lucy
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Victor disappears from the Helping Hand; Simon hides in Jerome's home while the police look for him.

Plot Summary

Seven years ago, Toni finds Serge killing Julie under the bridge. He knocks Serge out. Then he drives Julie to a hospital where he leaves her at the doorstep. Afterward, he buries Serge alive. In the present, Pierre finds out that a homeless woman has taken Victor out of the helping hand. He reports this to the police. The police comb the city until they find the woman by herself. Worried, Julie meets Laura at the police station and she recognizes the homeless woman as Mr. Costa's wife. Julie has a conversation with her and suspects that she may have died as well. When Julie returns home, she attempts to jump off the roof because she saw that Victor had survived the fall since he was dead. However, she is stopped by Laura, who appears in the nick of time.

Meanwhile, with the disappearance of Mrs. Costa and Victor, Pierre persuades Simon to hide out in Camille's home. Simon asks Camille to send Adele a message to meet with him at the bus stop. However, Adele refuses to see him. When Simon meets her personally at her home, Adele and her daughter Chloe reject for committing suicide instead of living with them. Having been told by Chloe that Simon is at his home earlier, he arrives home to find Simon on his driveway. Simon tries to run, but he is shot and killed by Thomas. At Toni's home, Serge brings Lena there after he finds her. He then treats her injuries. Toni suspects something is happening, but he leaves when Serge tells him that he is hiding his mother in his room. Later, Toni confronts Serge about his addiction to murdering women. Serge figures out that Toni killed him.

Toni asks for forgiveness so his mother can forgive him. Serge threatens to kill Toni, but decides against and walks away. At night, Victor finds his way back to the helping hand. He is let in my Pierre. Victor reveals that he knows what Pierre and his accomplice had killed him and his family. Suddenly, an illusion of Pierre's former accomplice appears with a gun. Pierre struggles with the illusion so that it does not shoot Victor again. Meanwhile, Jerome finds Lucy Clarsen fully healing from her injuries in the hospital. Then he gets a phone call from Claire asking him to find Camille. Pierre finds Camille kissing Frederic in a bar and breaks them up. Later, Camille tries to resume her moment with Frederic in private. However, when Frederic figures out that Camille is actually not Alice, but Lena's dead, he runs out of the room. Camille sobs after her crush leaves her. At the hospital Lucy awakens after recovering from her injuries.