The Returned 4
Season 1, Episode 4
General Information
Series The Returned
Air date 3 Dec 2012
Written by Fabrice Gobert & Emmanuel Carrère
Directed by Fabrice Gobert
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Julie Serge et Toni
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Jerome thinks the family should start over in a different town; Adele rekindles her relationship with Simon.

Plot Summary

Years ago, Julie is attacked by Serge on her way home from a costume party. In the present, police officer Laure knocks on her door to ask her questions regarding her experience since she was the first victim. Julie turns her away because Laure did not visit her after the incident despite being her girlfriend. Julie's next neighbor accuses her afterward of keeping a child illegally. When Julie is gone, Victor heads into the neighbor's apartment, Julie comes back and notices Victor missing. Looking through the building, she is attacked by what appears to be Serge. Suddenly, she sees the image of Serge disappear and Victor is in his place. In the apartment across the hall, Julie's neighbor is lying dead on the floor with with injuries similar to the Lucy and Julie.

Simon is released from custody without Thomas' permission. Pierre is called in to drive him to a homeless shelter. Midway to the shelter, Simon demands to stop the car. He leaves Pierre to go see Adele in the multimedia library. Adele confesses to him that she still loves him. She then shows Simon his daughter.Afterward, Simon goes to the homeless shelter and is given a bed by Pierre. Pierre then promises to help him. At Lena's home, Jerome asks Claire whether they should move to a new city. Claire thinks over the matter and decides that it is too soon. Meanwhile, Thomas finds out that Simon was let out. He begins to suspect Simon is the serial killer and keeps a close surveillance on him. Using a security camera, he sees Simon kiss Adele behind his home later that night. Lena continues to find more information on Simon.

She asks Toni, the bar manager and Adele if they know him.Toni has forgotten about him and Adele denies knowing Simon. At the Lake Pub, Lena finds her sister Camille sneaking out with her old crush Frederic. Angry that Camille left the house, she forces Camille to leave. Then she begins to sob in the bathroom. Frederic checks up on Lena. She kisses him and they are about to have sex when Frederic tries to take a closer look at Lena's scar on her back. Angry that he did that, Lena hurries out of the bathroom.