The Returned 2
Season 1, Episode 2
General Information
Series The Returned
Air date 26 Nov 2012
Written by Nicolas Peufallit, Fabrice Gobert, Emmanuel Carrère
Directed by Fabrice Gobert
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Camille Julie
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Simon meets Adele face to face for the first time after his death; Camille runs away from home.

Plot Summary

Ten years ago, Adele and Simon were engaged to be married. On the day of their marriage, tragedy strikes Adele is told at the altar that Simon had died in an accident.In the present, Lena walks downstairs to find her parents eating breakfast with Camille. Lena becomes frustrated that her parents are simply pretending that everything is normal when it is not. After an argument with her family, she runs away from home. Simon marches into a diner to ask for food. When the cashier turns him away, Simon clocks him with a glass pitcher. Simon leaves the diner to go to the bar. There, he finds Lena sitting at a table. He asks her where Adele works at and learns that she works at a multimedia library. Simon finds at the library as Lena had described. Though, he is disappointed when he sees that Adele believes that he is an figment of her imagination.

Simon leaves the library only to be arrested by the police for assaulting the cashier from earlier. After questioning Simon is put into a cell where he denies his right to a phone call. At Lena's home, Camille begins questioning what she truly is. When she sees her mother hugging Pierre, she runs away as well. In the tunnel, a police officer named Laurie finds the waitress who was attacked in critical condition. Based on the way waitress was attacked, Laurie tells Thomas, the police captain, that the murderer may be a serial killer that disappeared 7 years ago. Elsewhere, Serge, the serial killer who murdered the waitress, returns home after 7 years being dead. Toni, his brother is shocked to find him alive. He hits Serge with a shovel and tries to run away. After Serge puts a gun on Toni, he learns that his mother and he was years.

Lena returns to the house and finds out that Camille had left too. That evening, Camille returns as well. She sobs because she find out that her old crush can no longer recognize her anymore. Later that night, Lena comes to Camille's room and tells her that she is not the only person brought back to life because she had recognized Simon in the bar after looking at a 10 year old photo.