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• 11/27/2017

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• 1/11/2017

Trivia & Quotes on the Actor Pages

I was working on Ryan Reynolds' page and added some stuff to his Trivia & Quotes Section and found it looks rather jumbled with both stuff mixed in one section together.  I was thinking that we need to perhaps separate them into two different sections or perhaps split up the section itself?  Is there anyway we can perhaps add a separation bar or a line or something to make the two areas different?  Any suggestions?
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• 9/27/2016

Refining Locations Lists

I've been pretty busy at my new job so I haven't been here as much lately.  But I have been editing here and there.  I just got around to adding a new Subcategory to the Vehicles List as "Starships".  I also noticed the huge additions to the Locations List and thinking about maybe trying to refine it as well.  Any suggestions?
Right off the top of my head; I could add in "Planets" and maybe "Space Stations".  Do you think we should also make a subcategory for "Fictional Locations" like for Gotham City or Storybrooke, Maine?
Or does anyone have a better suggestion?  I have to say that the "Fictional Locations" seems a bit awkward. 
Otherwise, I can't really think of anything else to refine the Locations except maybe breaking them down by Continents?  North America, South America, Europe, Asia, etc.?
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• 7/21/2016

Jazzing up the Wikia

I've been working on filling out a lot of the blank pages out there and have to admit that while I can add info and data no problem, I'm looking at the pages and finding it well ... a trifle bit dull for want of a better word. 
I view it as the job of the Admins to try and attract more viewers and interest in our Wiki.  But I'm at a loss at what to do to make it more exciting and more attractive and more interesting.
So I'm looking for ideas to "jazz" things up.  We already got like Movie Trailers on some pages as well as the Series Intro Videos for various TV series; is there anything that anyone WANTS to see on some pages?  More pictures? More Videos like Tributes to certain characters or funny bits relating to them?  Anything?  Anything at all?
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• 2/19/2016

Foreign Remake Genre Category

I have noticed that there are a large number of TV and films that are Foreign Remakes; that is, they were created in another country and have been "adapted" to a foreign country.  For example; I know that this show that my mom religiously watches "The Mysteries of Laura" is actually based on some Spanish show, "Los misterios de Laura and I have heard that "24" has been adapted into an India version "24-India".  The whole Power Rangers Franchise is another example of this; they kept the Japanese fighting sequences and simply reshot segments with American actors.    
I've always considered the Remake Films and Remake TV categories on our site to be updated or revamped versions of an old TV or films.  But I've been considering if we should just lump these Foreign Remakes into the pre-exisiting category?  Or should we create a whole new category specifically for them like "Foreign Adaptation Films" and "Foreign Adaptation TV"?  I'm leaning towards the later but frankly, I'm not that thrilled with my name.  Does anyone have any better suggestions or ideas?
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• 2/4/2016

TV Shows with HUGE Episode Counts

I've been working on filling out a bunch of the TV Show Pages and I think we're going to start running into problems with some shows with HUGE episode lists.  There have been shows with loads of episodes, shows with long running seasons; but the more we're expanding the Wikia--we're going to start running into shows with a combination of huge running seasons and episodes. 
I've been having to create a bunch of episode lists for One Piece, it's got 17 seasons and over 732 episodes right now and is still in production.  Just out idle curiousity, I tried looking up on the internet if there are any other shows out there with such large episodic counts ... I was dismayed to find out that One Piece isn't even considered in the top ten slots. 
No, that goes to Guiding Light; a soap opera that ran for over 57 seasons with 18,262 episodes and a bunch of other shows that seem to be closing the gap.  Unless we're planning on skipping those series--we need to start thinking about how to improve the Wikia to make it easier for contributors; perhaps some sort of automated system where we can just punch in the season and episode counts?  If that's even possible?
Another problem is page size.  For most TV shows; it's not necessary but there are already some TV pages on our site that are getting sizeable in length and most of it has to deal with the episode lists.  For some people, they won't care but I think the majority prefer something easier and smaller to digest.  And that's something we want to concentrate on; if we want this wikia to grow in popularity, we have to make it easier for them.  If it's too big, they'll probably simply dump the page for something else. 
We already started addressing this with scroll boxes for the character pages; but we may need to think about something similiar for these large episode lists.  The only other thing that I can think of is maybe a click-here-hyperlink to take the viewer to a dedicated episode page?
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• 12/16/2015

Refining the Objects Lists

I've been working on and off on the Objects List here and filling stuff in.  It's a bit annoying and how vague and contradictory some of the stuff is; particularly the Star Wars data.  George Lucas seems to enjoy revising and screwing with continuity at will.  For the most part, he sticks in maybe how long something is ... but rarely anything more detailed like height, width, or mass.
But I was thinking if we shouldn't try to refine the Categories of some of the Objects.  A few Objects are already Locations but should we do stuff like add in Weapons?  I've also noticed that we got quite a few starships listed in the Objects so maybe Starships? 
Quite a few of those ships though like the TIE Fighter and X-Wings can also go in atmospheres and there are also other crafts that don't really fall into Starships so I've been toying with maybe Vessels & Vehicles as a category instead?  Or is that too wordy?  What do you guys think?
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• 10/26/2015

Creating Appearances List on Character Pages

I've been working recently on some of the Character Pages and I've been thinking that we might want to have some sort of addition to specific ones like in the Marvel Cinematic Universe.  It probably doesn't matter to most character pages but I think we may want to consider having some sort of list of what films or TV shows that a character might have appeared in.  Maybe after the "Personality & Traits" and before "Trivia"?
We already an "Other Versions" section for characters with multiple incarnations like the Joker, but I think we need one for those characters who have made multiple appearances in different movies or shows. 
Like I said, it probably doesn't really matter for most since they only appear in one movie or one TV series.  But there were exceptions like spin-off series as well as certain shows like Golden Girls, Nurses, and Empty Nest which had all of the characters ocassionally crossing over; it was easy since apparently they were all written/produced by the same person and were all on the same network.  Some networks have even done special episodes like Two and a Half Men had a CSI crossover episode once upon a time I think. 
But there appear to be a growing number of characters who crossover into various films and tv shows.  I know that the Arrow has appeared in "The Flash" and vice versa and will probably be guest starring in the forthcoming Vixen and Legends of Tomorrow show if what I've seen in the trailers is accurate. 
Robert Downey, Jr.'s version of Iron Man has appeared in a ton of stuff including Iron Man, Iron Man 2, Iron Man 3, The Avengers, Avengers: Age of Ultron, and he did a cameo spot in the Incredible Hulk as well. 
Samuel L. Jackson's version of Nick Fury has also appeared all over the place, even in TV shows like Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.  In those cases, we should probably not only mention the TV series, but the episode as well, like Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D., "0-8-4" and Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.,"Beginning of the End". 
If we do that, we can create internal links to the other parts of the Wiki, which is something we're interested in as well right? 
So what do you guys think?  Maybe even haveing subcategories; breaking it down into Film Appearances and TV Show Appearances?
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• 9/16/2015

Lost Episodes

I'm reformating the Dinosaurs (1991) TV Page and was adding in the episode lists when I ran into the fact that this series has a bunch of "lost" episodes; stuff that was filmed but never actually broadcast during its original run.  Usually for unaired pilots, we stick at the beginning of Season 1 with that "1.00" and stuff.  But what do we do with the "lost" episodes?  Create some sort of special season for them?  Or just attach them to the last season or what?  Suggestions?
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• 8/17/2015

Ways to Embed Reviews

I'm searching for a way to embed blogs/reviews on the Wikia pages. So far, I haven't had any luck. I'm sorry I'm behind. I know SnowyMountain is waiting on me for the character dialogue box (which I remember some failed attempts. Have to locate the page).
I don't the Amboxes we have aren't good because whatever we wrote on them cannot be change or adjusted. It's predetermined. I'm thinking of making an infobox where you can fill out and it posts a link to your review. Not sure how aesthetically pleasing it is.
Failed Attempt:
I'll ask for help if I can't find anything else on the web.
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• 7/19/2015

Duplicate Character Pages

I have noticed that as the Character Pages are expanding, I am seeing a few duplicate entries so to speak.  That is, different incarnations of the same character from different series. 
For example:
Joker (DCAU)
Joker (Batman Nolanverse)
Joker (Batman '66)
Joker (The Batman)
Joker (Batman Burtonverse)
God only knows how many more Joker profiles will have to be created.  That's not even thinking about some of the other characters who have mere cameo appearances or ones like Batman's incarnations.  I am already imagining the headache inducing problems those profiles will result in.
I am thinking we may eventually some better organization for this.  For some dupe entries, it will probably be a bit easier.  For example, there are two entires for Captain Kirk. 
James T. Kirk (Star Trek TOS)
Captain James T. Kirk (Star Trek Alternate Reality)
We may have to create a third one for the animation version?  Or simply put it under the TOS Kirk since they are essentially the same character, just animated?  But perhaps we can have at the beginning of each page a shortcut link to the other page or pages?  Like if you're looking at the William Shatner version at the top of the page is something like: "Not the character you're looking for?  You may be looking for Captain James T. Kirk (Star Trek Alternate Reality)."
For those characters with a ton of incarnations (like maybe 5 or more?), could we create a disambigation page or something?  Something similiar like a link to a page which will only feature all of the varied incarnations of the characters themselves?
What do you guys think?
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• 7/8/2015

New Badges

I've added new badges to reward your work for DC Comics Characters, Fast and the Furious Characters, Game of Thrones Characters, Marvel Comics Characters, Star Trek Characters, Star Wars Characters, Terminator Characters, and The Walking Dead Characters.
More will follow. So, watch for them and if there is a category you would like to new badges, let me know.
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• 6/21/2015

Photos on Movie Pages

I was finishing up the Plot Section on The Whole Nine Yards and frankly, it's looking a little dull to me with loads and loads of text.  I'm thinking of inserting some pics to break it up.  What do you guys think?  I haven't seen anything in the Style Guide detailing about it and I didn't want to do anything that Mikex20 doesn't feel is appropriate.
If we are going to be adding pics those sections, not just on a separate Image Page; perhaps we should write in on the Style Guide Page not to overdo it?  That is why we do have an Image Tab after all. 
For that matter, some detailed character and episode pages (I dunno if we have any yet) may need some images as well if they're overly lengthy.
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• 6/21/2015

Formatting TV Pages

Most of the TV show pages need formatted with infoboxes and episode guides. I've been formatting a few TV Show pages everyday I come here. Due to the shear volume, and how time consuming it can be, I'm asking you guys for help. If everyone helps by formatting 1 or 2 pages a day, we can get them all looking better in no time.
Thanks in advance for any help you can give me in this large task.
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• 6/1/2015

Alternative Movie Titles

I've been polishing up some of the blank movie pages that we've got and I know that we have some movies that do have alternate names, usually when released internationally or specific to some countries. 
I know that we have an "Aliases" for our TV series info boxes, should we include one for our movies as well?  Or should we just stick it under the Overview Section on the main page?
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• 4/22/2015

Movie Infobox's Colors

Hey everyone, I was getting tips on how to change color from a friend in AV. Turns out I never change the colors of the templates we borrowed from other Wikias. I'm sorry for not doing that for the past Wikias I been to. I'm really bad with aesthetics since I'm more about functionality. Using the tab colors my friend suggested, I was playing with the colors to use the same code for the movie box and made it black for the AV Wika.

To Hollywood and Beyond's Movie - Needs color change to match the Wikia's scheme
Anime Vice's Movie - Changed. Needs more tweaking b/c it's all black.
What colors do you want me to change it to? I saw our tab colors were lightblue.
This link gives you the colors. I think ours is Light Cyan #E0FFFF for the header image and for border it's White #FFFFFF. I wanted to check you guys first.
There is the shadow color, too. That threw me off a bit. I have to differentiate between shadow and border colors. I accidentally made the AV's border and shadow the same color, I believe.
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• 4/21/2015


In film, as well as real life, there are aesexual, hermaphodite, transgender, and others. So, what would be the best way to define these in the gender section of the infobox?
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• 4/20/2015

Emphasizing New Pages

I was wondering if it might be possible to add some sort of way of emphasizing the addition of a new page to the Wiki?
Something like a small icon like:

Or maybe some text beside the new entry proclaiming NEW! in bold and blinking letters and/or different colors. 
You could even have it by the Subcategories Pages such as the Genre and Franchise to indicate that something has changed in those categories. 
I think it would help attract attention that this site is being updated and upgraded on a regular basis.  That if someone doesn't check back, they'll miss it.  As it is, the "Recent Wiki Activity" Window Box only has a limited number of spaces.  This way, someone can see what the latest and newest stuff that we've added to the site.  I don't think we need to bother with a notification of someone updating or modifying a page, but the actual act of creation merits a nod at least. 
However it would have be some sort of time-linked function that after a certain amount of time, the NEW! icon or text would simply disappear.  Maybe something like 7 days time limit?
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• 4/15/2015

Animation Genre Page Revamp

I was looking at the Animation Genre Page and I think it could use some reworking. 
The additional subcategories of Superheroes TV and Video Game TV at the top seems confusing to me.  It's true that several of these selections in those genres are cartoons but not all of them are either so it feels "off" to be calling them a subcategory of the animation genre.  I do think that we should keep the Anime subcategory and the Animated Film link though, those do fit in the basic theme of the page. 
I was also thinking that it seems a bit redundant for us to be labeling the various anime cartoons as "Animated TV" yet have a separate category page for them as well as a subcategory link.  If we're going to be doing that, perhaps we should go all the way and simply have those anime cartoons simply labelled soley as "Anime" and remove the "Animated TV" genre link entirely?
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• 3/30/2015 shutting down

I posted about AnimeVice's closure on GiantBomb here.
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